About Us



Sleepless nights, milestone delays,
is the product gentle and safe enough to be used on my baby?
How can I better protect my baby from harm?
Does this sound familiar to you?


As we were going through these hurdles as parents, we were searching for a credible online platform in Malaysia that could help us along the way.


We wanted a platform for parents to safely purchase supplies that were free from harmful chemicals with affordable price. We wanted a one-stop centre that sells or distributes high quality products for every step of our parenting journey.


Here We Are.


As necessity is the mother of invention, the urge to create safer products for loved-one led us to set up MyFirstDino.com for parents who want a worry-free parenting journey and to give their little ones the best start in life. We aim to be your go-to web shop for anything on parenting.


MyFirstDino.com aim to feature a versatile range of toxic free high-quality baby and parents products under one virtual roof. Parents will no longer need to run to different stores to get your essentials as you can get it all at your convenience here.


The products in MyFirstDino.com are sure to be natural or organic in fabrics, and are free from harmful chemicals. We also introducing our own homegrown Malaysian Brand FirstDino ComfySafe Diapers, which is Chlorine, Formaldehyde & Phthalates free; and FirstDino Organic Baby Clothing, which are free of p-Chloroaniline, Phtalates and Lead.


We understand that it is not easy being a parent, and we would like to assure you that MyFirstDino is here to help you on this journey.


First Dino, the first imaginary friend for every kid! We saw dinosaurs as a protective guardian when we were kids. This stuck with us as we were growing up and as we became parents, we wished we had a guardian with us on this parenting adventure too!

Some studies also show that children who are obsessed with dinosaurs are likely to make better learners and have above average intelligence. Another plus point for DINO-lovers!


We just care how much dedication has put in to create something special and unique, just like the same dedication and care towards the parents’ needs of having WORRY FREE parenthood journey.