5 Facts about Why natural and organic cotton is best for your baby?

5 Facts about Why natural and organic cotton is best for your baby?

Why natural and organic cotton is best for your baby? Here’s 5 facts you should know to ensure your precious little human have the best in life.


 1. The biggest difference between organic cotton and conventional cotton is the way it is being cultivated, produced and the amount of harmful chemicals used in the process. Products made from conventional cotton use an extreme amount of pesticides and chemicals during the growing process, which are then heavily bleached and coloured with toxic dyes during the weaving process. Whereas for organic cotton, the crops are planted on soil which is chemical-free, on top of that, no pesticides and insecticides are sprayed at any stage of the process. The cotton balls are handpicked and never bleached or dyed with the use of toxic chemicals. If dyes are used, they are usually plant-based.


2. Organic cotton has naturally soft fibre but it often becomes coarse and scratchy when drenched in chemicals. This will cause discomfort and itchiness which will make your baby become restless. By switching to organic, you are maximizing your baby’s comfort, aeration and ensure they stay cosy and itch-free.


3. Organic cotton keeps your baby’s skin free from harsh chemicals and it is gentler to their skin. As the materials are generally softer and natural, there is less chance of your baby to develop skin conditions such as eczema, dermatitis and skin allergies.


4. Organic cotton lasts longer as the cotton’s resilient fibres have not been damaged by chemicals during the growing and weaving process. One good organic cotton quality daily garment will last your little human for years!


5. Organic cotton farming methods are safe for environment as it requires less energy and water. The soil is being nurtured without pesticides and insecticides, it is friendly to farmers, local rivers, trees, wildlife and the eco-system.


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