Possible risks of Chlorine to your Baby

Possible risks of Chlorine to your Baby

Most disposable diapers use Chlorine as a bleach to whiten diaper material, which led to a dangerous by-product called Dioxin. Dioxins are highly toxic and capable of bringing damage to human development, reproductive functions, immune system, interfere with hormones, and cause cancer.*

Chlorine is a chemical element widely involved in our daily lives. You will commonly find Chlorine in public drinking water, swimming pools and cleaning detergents for its ability to eliminate harmful bacteria, viruses and parasites. On top of that, it is also being commonly used as a bleaching, disinfecting and oxidizing agent in treating fabric.

However, babies and young children may be affected by the effects of Chlorine as they are more sensitive to chemicals and environmental contaminants. As our little ones are highly delicate, Chlorine poses several health risks including respiratory, skin and heart problems.

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*Source from World Health Organisation