4 Tips of Father's Day Celebrations with Your Dearest Dad

4 Tips of Father's Day Celebrations with Your Dearest Dad

by FirstDino Team     


This year's Father's Day celebrations might be a little different, but we can still take the time to commemorate the day. Here are some ideas to celebrate not just with your dad, but with your husband too:


💖 For tech-saavy dads: Give your him a gadget he will love to use. For example, a smartwatch which marries the features of tech and sport, a fast-wireless charger or a smart home device and smart lighting to ensure the special man in your life has everything he needs to get started on building a smart home.


💖 For dads who like to cook: For dads who like to get creative in the kitchen, get him a good cast iron pan, a set of beautiful knife set, a durable chopping board or even a set of unique seasonings will help him to enjoy his favourite activity more.


💖 For dads who loves to exercise: A pair of glow-in-the-dark running armbands for your dad’s early morning and night time runs, a soft and light workout tee, a comfortable pair of running shoes or even a wireless earphone to encourage him to continue to stay fit.


💖 For first time dads: A dad and baby matching shirts will be especially meaningful. While you are getting excited over the design of the attire and garment, don’t forget to choose the right clothing materials which are comfortable for both the adult and baby. Organic cotton will definitely fit the bill.


Last but not least, if you still cannot find that perfect gift for your dad, give the gift of yum by making his favourite dish.


Good luck mommies, daughters and sons.❤️