5 tips for travelling with your baby

5 tips for travelling with your baby

5 tips for travelling with your baby

by FirstDino Team   

Are you travelling with your baby for the very first time? 
If you are feeling nervous about what to expect, here are a few tried and tested tips from us:
  1. Baby massages:

    Babies can get uncomfortable or stiff after sitting for hours in their seats. Gently massaging their legs and feet will help to calm the baby down. During stops, allow your baby to crawl and roll to stretch.

  2. Pack extra clothing and diapers:

    Malaysia weather can be quite tricky, best to dress your little one in comfortable organic cotton layers that can be taken off when it gets too hot or put it back on if it gets too cold. Also remember, a mess can happen at any time, so always have spare clothes, diapers, nappies and wipes close by for easy access.

  3. Be prepared with snacks and fluids:

    If you are travelling by flight, it’s important to keep your baby hydrated because the air can be dry. Our local airports and airlines do allow a reasonable amount of liquid or liquidised food for the baby for your journey. Some mothers also shared with us that a bottle or something for baby to suck on would help relieve air pressure, especially take-off and landing.

  4. Bring your baby’s favourite toys:

    Having your baby’s favourite toys can help him feel secure and keep him entertained and happily occupied. Only bring soft toys so nothing can hurt him if there is turbulence or the road is bumpy. Also, don’t forget to put on your baby’s favourite music as it helps to calm a baby down too.

  5. What about yourself, mommy and daddy?:

    Though travelling with a baby can be stressful, hence more the reason you should take care of your emotional wellbeing. After all, the calmer you stay, the more likely the baby will mirror your emotions. Try to rest up as much as you can, so you will be refreshed enough to enjoy the journey and create more memories with your family. 


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